Voluntary Transport Scheme

 If you need transport to hospital, doctor, dentist, optician etc. please contact Lynne Herd on 781905.  When she is away please contact Peter or Kathryn Smith on 782198.

If you can spare some time as a driver you will be most welcome, please contact Lynne or Peter for details.

Child Health Clinic

1st Wednesday of each month,  10.00 to 11.00am, no appointment is necessary.
Health Visitor:  Shirley Bennett, telephone  01539 564887

Out of Hours Pharmacy

Ash Trees Pharmacy,  
Market Street,

Tel. 01524 727877

Monday to Friday 7.00am to 11.00pm,  
Saturday 8.00am to 6.30pm,
Sunday 8.00am to 6.00pm